Christmas Gifts

Per tradition (and lack of riches to lavish on family members) I make most of my family Christmas gifts. Because of my photographer background, they usually have something to do with photos or a gift/item to display in their home. This year, with the help of Pinterest, I was able to create a "Family Fun Night" bag, equipped with a personalized old favorite game of mine:

It worked out perfectly - 20 spots. 16 grand kids, with 2 parents and a Nana and Grandpa! I removed the cards that came with each game (this is the travel edition) and measured the card to build a template in Photoshop. I then cropped the head of each grandkid (being the family photographer, I had plenty of "heads" on file) and removed the background. Added an outside shadow, their name and VOILA. After lots of cutting and piecing together, each game was finished!

Each bag was slightly customized to each family. My brother in Charlotte and his family LOVE ice cream, so in their bag I included waffle cones, waffle bowls, Magic Shell and crushed candy bars. With a few other goodies added to the bag, I hope it lives up to it's idea of a "Family Fun Night" gift =)


  1. Awesome idea, my husbands family decided that next year we would do handmade gifts for christmas and this is a great one!! Thanks for sharing! Sue

  2. As one of the recipients, let me just say..WE LOVE IT! Thanks for such a fun and thoughtful gift.

  3. I'm with Chelsey - it was a GREAT gift! Should I admit that most of the ice cream stuff is already gone? =)

  4. We have enjoyed playing the game many times over here and its fun to hear the questions the boys ask each other to find out who their person is.