My Sweet Girl

This weekend I finally took the plunge - I upgraded my camera! It was a necessary upgrade and a reward for my success as a result of working with so many wonderful clients in my photography business. Everyone always assumes I just have hundreds of photos like these since she is the daughter of a photographer, but I am guilty of not taking as many photos as I should. Here's to hoping a new camera and this sweet face inspire me to be better about capturing her sweet moments!



  1. Great shots of Autumn. She is way cute.

  2. Those pics look like ads - maybe for cute toddler clothes? I just can't get over how adorable she is - and with a personality to match! Love that girl! =)

  3. I really do love your work! How do you feel about flying across the country to the other Washington to take our family pics?! :) She's a beautiful little girl!

  4. Oh My She is absolutely a living doll. Those eyes........ More pics more pics. LOL
    Vicki R

  5. Oh my goodness! She is just gorgeous! And as always, awesome photos. Great job!