Sponge Curlers

Growing up I remember sitting on the floor of my moms bedroom on Saturday night watching something on TV while she meticulously placed a dozen sponge curlers all over my head. The next morning I woke up with flawless curls that held all day. So, when I saw the smallest size of sponge curlers during one of my weekly shopping trips to Sally Beauty Supply I just couldn't resist!

After her bath last night we turned on one of our saved (and precious) episodes of Blue's Clues to keep her entertained. She sat perfectly still while I put a few rollers on the top of her head. She never pulled at them and they stayed in all night and until I was ready to do her hair in the morning before church.

All ready for bed! She was so exhausted last night after a fun BBQ over at Aunt Jodi's. Once the episode of Blue's Clues was over to put her right into bed.

And here is the finished product this morning! She looked so pretty! At first my Dad rolled his eyes when he first saw her at Church but later gave in, saying she did look awfully pretty. I definitely foresee more sponge curlers in our future. Like mother, like daughter. =)


  1. Her hair looks so pretty! You make me want girls so bad!

  2. Oh so cute!! I have to laugh remembering Alyssa at that age. I was still using Karo syrup to stick bows to her little bald head! =)

  3. I am so glad I had a little girl first! I remember feeling disappointed when I found out I was having a girl, and for the life of me I can't figure out why! I LOVE having to wash a whole separate load for pastels and pinks =) Now I worry what I will do with a boy!

    And Karen, she was dressed head to toe in hand me downs today, down to the shoes! =)

  4. I'm impressed that she let you do that! I have the hardest time getting my boys to sit still for haircuts. I can't imagine rolling a little girls' hair! It looked super cute!

  5. She looks adorable!! I use to have to endure the sponge curlers every Saturday night too...worth every single adorable curl :)

  6. So cute! I remember those sponge curlers- I used to have to sit and have my mom put them in on Saturday night too! I've tried it a few times as an adult and it never looks quite as good as I remember it looking when I was little! Autumn is adorable!