Workin' on her fitness...

I am a video posting machine! I have quite a few more blog posts in the works and even another video to edit as well. The past few days we've had a lot of fun sledding out in the snow, celebrating my sisters birthday and Autumns first haircut. Stay tuned!

The video below is to capture how much Autumn loves the treadmill. She walks up to it everytime she looks for my Dad in the basement and loves to go for "walks". We find her irresistible to watch - I figured I had to get it on video for memories!


  1. I cannot believe your dad was even a part of that! =) Pretty hilarious, though I can't decide what's funnier - Autumn or you guys all crowded around to watch her run. =)

  2. Well that essentially finishes up my down and grimy manual for the nuts and bolts of "influencing.
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