One of our big activities of the week was a family bowling trip. It'd been a long time for many of us - especially me, who hadn't bowled in well over a year. Once I got back into the swing of things I managed to bowl a whole 112. Not my best, but certainly better than my first game... Isn't our little bowling team adorable? And who would have thought Nana would set the pace for us, racking up strikes and spares within her first few frames. During our bowling trip I definitely knew there is no one I'd rather hangout with than my family! Well, maybe Brad and Angelina.


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  2. Good times indeed, even if I had to sit this one out due to injury. (Getting to hold Autumn made up for it, though.) =) The upside is that you now have no idea what my bowling skills are. I could be a pro bowler living undercover as a stay-at-home mom. You've been warned... =)

  3. Ha, your power in the bowling alley will remain a mystery! =) I was glad you were able to spend so much quality time with Autumn, especially since you were robbed of her hugs at the beach! Thanks for all your help last week!