I love her.

It's been much cooler the past two days (meaning under 90 degrees) so tonight I drove home from my parents house with the windows down for the first time with the babes. Autumn seemed to really enjoy it - I could hear her giggling and chatting away to the cars the entire ride home. When I parked outside our house and opened the back door to get her out of the seat, this is what I found:

She looks pretty foxy sporting the windblown look doesn't she?

Her hair was all kinds of crazy - I just wish I'd had my digital camera to get a clearer picture. =) I love her! 


  1. She is too cute - how are the rest of your kids going to top her? Lol.

  2. Check her out! Already rockin'the windswept look. She must be your daughter!

  3. Given her love of fans, I would think riding with the windows down would be pure paradise. =)

  4. She is so cute! I love your posts- keep up the good work!