Anxious for the weekend!

It has been a crazy busy week! I managed to make it through mostly unscathed - mostly in the sense that we found out Autumn and I have most likely lost our health insurance due to this health care reform and how it is affecting small businesses. As if we weren't already living tight enough with a mortgage payment now on our hands, we have to find an affordable option to replace the insurance we're losing. We'll figure it out, but it certainly put a damper on an otherwise awesome week!

I had TWO photography sessions this week! They were both so much fun and I am so excited that the photography season is starting up again! Still keeping my work load small, but I am happy to be out photographing ridiculously good looking people and babies! Check out my recent work at my photography blog, http://www.kellibrewer.com

With so much on my plate this week and the weather being kind of a damper earlier in the week the projects at my house are in mid-process. I've got half my beadboard on my island, my master bath cabinets ready for new hardware, etc. It just never ends! Still, I am so excited with the progress I am making! I am holding off on sharing images of the completed kitchen until we get our new appliances - so if you'd like to put some pressure on the IRS as well to get their act together and float us our $8k big ones, we'd appreciate it! =)


  1. You STILL haven't got your tax return???

  2. Man, I paper-filed my taxes and got mine back weeks ago!

    Also, the second picture links to a bigger image but the first one doesn't?

  3. That's truly bad news about the health insurance. That stinks!

    Can't wait to see the new house updates! I don't really like that you taunt us by withholding pictures, but I guess I understand the joy of the "big reveal." =)