Mr. Watchdog

Autumn's Elementary school has a program called the "Watch D.O.G.S.". It's motivation is to get Dad's into schools. Dads volunteer to spend an entire day in the school and get to know the students and spend time with their own kids. After seeing countless Watch Dogs come in throughout the year, Autumn asked if Adam could come in and be one too. Lucky for us, he obliged!

After a few weeks (it books up quick!) their turn finally came. On his day, Adam got his special Watch Dog shirt and a matching one for Autumn. They get to be on the morning news together, announcing who the Watch Dog is that day, and their picture goes on Twitter and the school website. Adam gets an entire clipboard full of responsibilities for the day. Lunch is free and he got to eat with Autumn and spend time outside with her during recess. It really is a neat program. Autumn was so glad her Dad could come!


Autumn's Art Show

When Autumn started Kindergarten, each day she attends a different "special". This was a rotation between two PE classes, music, guidance, library, art and S.T.E.M.. Art quickly emerged as one of her favorites. It was a very nice surprise when a letter came home, telling us that one of Autumn's drawings at school had been selected to be shown at the county art festival. 

The day of the festival, we went to find what piece had been chosen to show. This was her "Picaso Self-Portrait". She was so proud of her work, and I was so proud of her! I remember having my work displayed for the school festivals, and it is so fun to see her following in her foot steps. Everyone agrees my kids are spitting images of their Dad, but they're more like me in other ways!


Easter 2016

Easter, like most holidays, is more and more fun each year as the kids get older and you can see their excitement. The day before Easter is when our Easter bunny comes with goodies, and then we spend Sunday thinking about the Savior and wearing our Sunday best. 

Autumn left a note and gifts for the Easter Bunny, just as she had for Santa a few years before. I just loved her sweet little drawing!

I normally don't go this overboard for Easter. At all. But we had gotten some really good deals on the Legos and Dinosaur toy for Brody. I think both were on clearance. Instead of holding onto them for a later holiday, Adam thought we should just go ahead and put them all together. The kids were very excited, needless to say, when they woke up Saturday morning!

Our hunts are usually pretty lame - this is probably my least favorite Easter activity. I don't know that we ever end up with the eggs we originally set out. The kids seems to be sad when the eggs are all found, or when they find one that isn't their color. But - year after year they continue to ask. It was over in all of 30 seconds, but memories were made regardless!

Sunday morning, Brody looked so handsome but unfortunately was not feeling well. He left after being in Sacrament at church for just a few minutes. He was a ticking time bomb, so he and Adam left and his sad, sad portrait is all I have to remember his studly little suit! Autumn picked out and chose her dress this year, and though we were a man down, our family was dressed to impress!


Spring Break

Over Spring Break, we headed to Virginia Beach for a short little getaway. While my sister and her boys did this awesome ropes course, my Dad and my two kids went to the aquarium right next door. If you can believe it, it wasn't crowded at all! It was really special to be able to have so many of the areas to ourselves, and get to talk one on one with a lot of the experts. 

The kids could have spent hours in this final area of the building, which had a lot of play sets for kids. It was hard to pull them away when we needed to go and get the rest of our group. We really loved this aquarium (especially compared to the one in the Outer Banks that was a huge let down) and were super bummed when we found out there are TWO buildings, not just one. We had no idea! If we ever go back, we will have to do more exploring of what we missed.

So as I said above, right next door is a ropes course that is part of the aquarium. The boys had a blast and spent hours here. There are different levels of difficulty, but unfortunately Brody just missed the cut. Watching the boys climb across the trees was just too much for him... He so badly wanted to crawl up and follow along! 

Funny thing about that big jump... While the rest of us were waiting for the boys to wrap things up, there was a woman on this post that kept letting everyone go in front of her. She must have been up there a good thirty minutes, maybe more. Nobody could convince her to jump. Not her friends, not the strangers passing her by and not even the workers. Eventually, they had to grab a ladder and climb up to help her down because truly, jumping was the only way out of it! Even Diego had to talk himself into it, but he pulled it off! 

The next day, we somehow settled on going on Go Karts. I don't even remember what the original plan had been, but Go Karts were SO. MUCH. FUN. Can you believe this was my first time!? I just didn't grow up with a place near by, so this was my first time. Again, it was not crowded at all, so there was virtually no wait for any of the tracks we wanted to try. Autumn and Brody weren't tall enough to drive all by themselves, but they could ride shotgun with an adult driver. Jodi and I took turns, and the kids had a blast! 

The first go around Brody rode with Jodi. I don't know how much driving he let Jodi do, because he grabbed for that steering wheel as much as his little arms would let him! The finniest part was at only 3 years old, Brody needed no assistance with his track talk on the track! 

The track that Brody could drive by himself on, was pretty lame. Essentially just Power Wheels, but man did he have a blast!

Even Grandpa got in on the action!

After Go Karts, we decided to stop by the beach and let the kids play for a little bit. The board walk has a lot of playgrounds right on the beach for the kids to play on. Brody would have spent the whole day using the sand diggers! The area certainly doesn't compare to the Outer Banks, but it was a really fun trip. A great way to kick off our first, official Spring Break. 


The Tooth Fairy

We were told all the way back in July that Autumn had lose teeth. After finally losing the two bottom ones, just a few weeks later she lost her two front large teeth as well! She was so brave - letting me pull them, once again. Her smile looked so different! Months later, we still have yet to see her new big teeth come in. With even more lose teeth, I am hoping we see them soon!


100 Days of School

For the 100th Day of School, the Kindergartners were tasked with creating a shirt that incorporated the number 100. Autumn and I talked about it just a little bit, but she came up with the idea of having an Elsa shirt and putting 100 snowflakes on it. I was pretty proud of her creativity, and I was happy to help her execute the project. After printing Elsa out on to some heat transfer paper, cutting snowflakes out of foam from the craft store, Autumn did all of the hard work!

I was able to volunteer for the celebration. I helped make decorations for the room, objects for the kids to add 100 items onto, and help the kids move around to each classroom where 100 Day activities were. It was a fun day, and hard to believe 100 days have gone by!